Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So you may be wondering where I have been. It has been one heck of a busy year and I just thought I should say hola to all of my friends in bloggy world before I most certainly disappear again. The spring season of lacrosse and volley ball is upon me and here is the schedule from now til the end of May :

Monday- practice Millie/ Joey
Tuesday- practice Bret/ Jenna Games Joey/ Millie (same field*** AMEN)
Wednesday- YM/YW practice Joey/ Millie Game Bret
Thursday- practice Jenna/Joey/ Bret Game Millie
Friday- Practice Millie Game Joey (same field again ** smiles**)
Saturday- Practice Joey Game Bret

Jenna also has tournys all over the place and Joey has out of state travel. Did I mention that it is tax season for Doug? THANK GOODNESS Joey can drive!
I'm not complaining. Excited really. Love it all. Just wondering how on earth we will ever see each other over the next couple months, but we will.


Images from Camp 2008