Sunday, June 5, 2011

And so it goes

I am pretty certain I have been wishing for this day for years.  Yelling down the hall after two little boys skating in freshly washed sheets,  "Grow Up!".  The Numberless times I have said "Use your brian' or 'think a bout it for just one minute'...  Yup, he is actually doing that lately.  On his own.
Less than 2 weeks and he is off to the new home for him. Helaman Halls at BYU.  Two weeks and he will be there and I will be here.  Big changes for our family.  Big Time.  I have grown so accustumed to him being here afer shool.  So used to his Tuesday/ Friday games.  I am ready to watch our football show by 8:15 every week.  All the traditions will change. WE are getting everything ready, but I don't know how to feel ready for him being away.OH don't you ever grow up!


Images from Camp 2008