Saturday, April 25, 2009

Springtime in Las Vegas

Really, it is an odd time of year. One week ago Donna was here from Montana and it was so cold she felt like never left home. This week it was 90 degrees out at the beginning of the week, but today our lacrosse car wash was canceled because it was too cold and windy. Go figure!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Still a New England Girl

Every year for my birthday and Christmas my parents send me a little taste of home and Doug and I stuff ourselves with the best of New England. Chowder, bisque, steamers and whole lobsters. This year I had more than one dinner for two so we decided to share with our friends.

Such a treat!

Friday, April 10, 2009


More lacrosse news.
Joey was nominated by his coach to be part of the 205 camp this summer. Spots in the 205 camps are highly sought after and are not often afforded. The boys chosen to attend are watched for the entire week by coaches all over the US. Joey's coach nominated him and then we had to wait to see if he would be selected, and HE WAS!
Anyhow, this is a great honor for Joey, who eats sleeps and drinks the sport! Doug and I are trying to figure out how to work a family vacation around his enrollment at the camp!
Way to go Joey!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend and Spring Break

How I love conference weekend. Time to just relax, and listen. Usually weekends find me running around preparing lessons for YW and Gospel doctrine, trying to get the house clean, grocery shopping and add to that games, practices and what have you to the mix. Conference weekend finds me enjoying the opportunity to just listen. Yes, there is still laundry to be done and meals to be prepared, but with it being the first days of spring break, there is far less urgency to the matter. How I have enjoyed these last two days. I did get the house tidied up and all the sheets washed and winter clothes mostly put away, but so much more important was the time I got to spend just listening to the leaders of the church as they gave us direction and counsel.

It has been just a family weekend at our house. Friday night we conducted our monthly 1st Friday family activity by taking the kids out to a fun little place to eat and enjoying some late night talks. Saturday we all chipped in to get some house and yard work done while Doug headed off to work. Joey strung Bret's lacrosse stick and his D pole got a face lift. Millie headed up to the cabin with the Ellsworths. While the boys went off to Priesthood Jenna and I went out together and had some fun and then bought our Sunday morning breakfast . It is tradition here at the Mecham's if we are not at conference in Utah, we watch while building a puzzle and eating a big breakfast of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, bacon (and eggs for Joey and I) and smoothies or shakes. I know, too much...but tradition none the less.
Saturday night we took the kids to a movie and stayed up late again together. Sunday found us all in mine and Doug's bed at the start of conference watching on our tiny TV . As I moved on to make the breakfast of champions they slowly emerged and we watched the rest of conference as we ate.

This week is spring break and with it I will make time to do some much needed spring cleaning. Lots of lacrosse will take place and I am sure some volleyball will get squeezed in too!
Doug is under the gun to finish gobs of work before the 15th and so I am sure I will see him less than I like, but the end is in sight and Doug, who has been busy as can be for the last few months, will be able to keep more manageable hours in the near future.
Life is good.


Images from Camp 2008