Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where have I been???

It has been a month since I have posted on my blog. Busy, busy, busy, and quite honestly nothing too spectacular to write about. Just more of the same in our little life.
Volley ball and lacrosse season came to a close in a less than dramatic finish. Jenna's team didn't win a match. I must say this had little to due with Jenna's efforts and I am not bragging when I say Jenna was the best player on the team. She is going to really shine in this sport. It is in her genes. I mean her mom can still play better than most so with her help and the extra practice and work of being on a team, Jenna has really come along! Doug and I are sending her to camp again this summer so Cheyenne High, LOOK OUT! Millie's team won almost every match and Millie improved greatly. She is also going to camp this summer so we look forward to her getting better each day! She really likes the sport and while she doesn't have any DNA support she has had a lot of help from Jenna! Millie is finishing up the year with lots of student council activities and has made a lot of friends as she served as the school's historian. Millie also made it into the advanced orchestra which is an honor that she is proud of! Bret's lacrosse team did not fare too well this season. It was hard on Bret to play another year for a team that just couldn't seem to find a groove, but again, Bret's contribution was significant. He really never came off the field in a game and was one of the better players. Bret just went to a try out for the Vegas Starz MS team and he is gearing up for another BYU summer camp with his pal Sam. Bret decided the trumpet is being put away next year and is going to take an honors Spanish course instead. Only 30 kids at the school get the chance to take this class. Bret is one of the 30. He also got asked to be in a special advisory class at our school which will focus on technology. The teacher came to me and asked me if I thought Bret would enjoy this class. Given Bret's adoration of all things media I figured he was a great candidate. (Did I mention that I think that is embedded in his DNA? I mean I am looking at a computer screen bigger than most TV screens right now...thanks Dougie!). Joey's season ended with a loss in the semis. He had a good year and was one of the few sophomores on the varsity team. He is the number 4 ground ball guy in the entire league which is a fact he is very proud of. His junior high coach would always tell the boys..."Ground balls win the game" Joey took that information to heart. He has so much going on this summer I don't know how often I will see him around here! He also tried out for the High school Starz team, but it is stiff competition. We are keeping our fingers crossed.
I am winding down with school and it feels fine! I have a bout 10 days left to go and I can not wait to have it be SUMMATIME! Girls Camp is heavy on my mind as we get ready to take our stake back up the hill at the end of July. The YCLs are again my charge and I can't wait to be with the girls at the tip top of the hill once more.
Doug is busy over at Mecham & Shaul and still spends week days and often weekends and nights working. Nothing like tax season though, thank goodness and most nights he is home for dinner at least!
This summer expect lots of vacation photos from us. Nothing exotic, just chasing the kids from volley ball camps to lacrosse camps. But if the family is there together, we make it a vacation!


theriosduo said...

Thanks for the update! I was just telling Donna a few days how I missed your blogs.

Anonymous said...

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