Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tryouts and Disney

By the way, for those of you that have not seen Joey in a a while...I have on about 4 inch clogs in this photo.

Shocker...Joey had a lacrosse event in LA this weekend. I know it is so unlike Joey to do anything like this but....HA. Our summer is riddled with trips and try outs and tournaments. This weekend Joey Millie and I headed off to Los Angeles with another lax mom and her son to go to the tryouts for the Adidas National Lacrosse team. Joey looked great and won the face off competition with 100% record. The first guy he went up against was a FOGO (Face off, get off specialist weighing in at about 220). Joe thought he would be out on the first round, but instead he beat everyone. Later during the 'game" Joey won each face off and played really well. Chances are good he will make the team but I am not sure we will be sending him to Maryland to play in the Championship game. You see, the money tree we planted last spring hasn't begun to produce yet so we may just have to say no to this invite.

Anyhow the real fun of the weekend came Saturday after tryouts. We headed over to Disney for the day. The weather was perfect, the rides were not crowded and the kids had a blast.

YO HO HO HO a Disney life for me!


jenn said...

that's really cool! congrats joey! and sis. mecham i know how you feel. i haven't grown since sixth grade and tucker continues to tower over me :)


Bennions said...

How exciting for Joey. And how nice for all of you to get some relaxatioin -- if you can call Disney relaxing. It is fun though. Tif


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