Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011!  2011?  Where did the past year go?  Happy New year to all of you!
We rang in the new year at our house, yup, you read right.  We were not at our annual NYE party at the Moody's house.  This year we were driving for most of the night from Provo to Vegas.  Last week Joey went up to meet with Coach Schneck, the BYU lacrosse coach and to participate in a camp for players.  Bret went to and also participated in the camp.  Doug and I drove up with the boys on Wednesday morning through a great wintry storm.  I love the weather!  The boys had to hop out of the truck in St George and bag up all of our luggage as the southern part of the state was in a huge rainstorm.  The rain quickly froze making the highway slick and as we traveled north we were met with lots of the WHITE STUFF!!!!!  I was in heaven!  We go to Provo and Joey, Bret and Doug were like three little boys playing in the snow.  It was wonderful.  The next day the boys went to the camp and Doug and I went to the Mt Timpanogos temple.  It was a great day.  Joey had a great visit with coach Schneck and was a stand out at camp.    Bret too was a top player in his age group.  Thursday evening we went to get some Smash Burgers and Joey started to feel sick.  Doug and I went down to the jacuzzi and met some great folks.  One couple was a former BYU lax player and his wife and another couple completely unrelated to the young man who had a son who played at the Y.  It was such a coincidence to meet these two families and hear their take on lacrosse at BYU.  We felt blessed to be given some inside information.
Friday Joey was in full blown 'cold and flu'.  Bret, luckily didn't have a touch of the bug. The boys went to the camp and Doug and I went up to Salt Lake for some shopping and lunch.  Last summer we found a great little place called Squatters on 300 South and we frequent it every time we go to SLC.
At the end of the camp all of the kids were given Y tshirts and a lax head.  Bret won a shoot out in the younger group.  Joey was taken aside by Coach Schneck and given a BYU team shooting shirt.  It was accompanied with lots of hopeful words regarding Joey's academic and lacrosse future at the Y.  We will keep you posted on this one!
We set out to the make the long drive home and again found snowy streets.   Joey and Bret dozed off and Doug and I enjoyed the ride through the freezing cold state of Utah.  At one point our car thermometer registered minus 13.  (I love it).
We got home and I had to start cooking for the 1st (will be annual) youth breakfast for the New Year.  After midnight Millie, Bret, Jenna, and a bunch of their friends made their way over after the Stake Dance to eat some bacon,eggs, pancakes,sausage, biscuits and gravy before continuing their celebration. Millie and I scooted over to the Moody's for the jump in the pool.  We came back and the kids were still going strong. At 3:00 I told them it was time to pack it in.
This morning we all slept in and have had a lazy day so far.  Christmas decorations are packed away for the next 11 months and we are slowly , ever so slowly, thinking about school and work and all the other things that we have to do Monday.



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Vip said...

Christine, that is so awesome! I hope that Joey makes the team. We have watched a few BYU LAX games over the past few years. What a fun and exciting game.

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