Friday, July 18, 2008

For a good cause

Tonight our ward had their annual auction to help pay for Scout camp. Mike Smith MC'd the event and he was charming as usual. He does a great job getting the program going and is able to quickly move through things while keeping everyone entertained. Bret was visiting his mom for the past couple days so he worked on his cake at her house. He did a great job and made a pizza cake that looked so real his mom thought she might need to pin a note to it so it would not get confused with the real pizzas our scouts provided for dinner. His pie sold to Jeff and Kristie and as you can see here old Pres. Lytle is a real pizza lover!

Joey auctioned off a strawberry shortcake that I made. It was all from scratch and it came up pretty good if I do say so myself.

We raised quite a bit of money for the troop. Doug won bids on a cake made by Wesley Fonbuena and also a 5 course dinner for 4 prepared by Chef Peck. It was pricey, but I know it will be worth it.

You can see Joe's cake
and Bret's Pizza in the picture

After the auction The girls ran over to the Ellsworths for a girls' night with Reggie, Erin, and Britney and Doug and I went to Batman with our boys, Dee, Todd and Sam. It was a pretty good show with lots of action. Our boys loved it but it was a little dark for my taste. Tomorrow we have a busy day and lots to get ready before we head up to Provo. The boys have lacrosse in the morning and I need to get two lessons ready for Sunday plus I am speaking about my experience on the hike. Bishop is out of town so it will be a busy day for Doug on Sunday too. Doug and I are making another trip to the temple tomorrow night with John and Di and the girls are babysitting for the McCormack family while we go. Hopefully, somewhere in there we will have time to pack.

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The VIPs said...

somehow I missed the picture of your strawberry shortcake in this post- it's so cute and looks delicious!


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