Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Today was camp rally practice and I must say it went well. Our skit and dance are just adorable. All of the girls have put in a huge effort to make it great. Millie is lucky to be a first year during the summer of 2008. I have LOTS to do to be ready for next Tuesday. Joe and Doug are also going to camp (a boys' camp in California that is) and then straight on to a lacrosse tournament in Newport Beach. So all of us, save Bret, have to be ready for a week of camping by Friday. All of our gear will be heading up to the mountain to be set up Saturday. Jenna and Bret will be going to visit their Mom on Wednesday and Thursday this week, so that means I have til 5 tomorrow night to get all Jenna's camp gear out and looked over to make sure she is not in need of anything. Last year when she got home we decided to keep all of her stuff in one spot in the shed, but I can't remember if she needed a new something or other and any additional supplies. Since Doug is not going up this year I won't have Mr. Honey Do to do things for me. I have been so spoiled these last 4 years with him up there all week. He was such a huge part of camp for the girls and was a huge help to me. He would get all of our fire wood stacked and light a fire for us every night, carry down our trash, bring us treats at night, put up a hammock for us etc. He just did everything up there, from giving homesick girls blessings, to helping cook meals, to setting up tents to running through camps at night playing tricks right along with the rest of us! The best part was just having him there. Each year he would do a special fire side about 'covenant keepers' that made a huge impact on the girls. Ya, ya I know I am bragging about him a little, but why not? He is worthy of much praise. Anyhow, Doug or no Doug, we are almost ready to head out into the woods.
Tonight we had our camp fun night at Dee's. We sang and ate pizza and practiced the dance one last time. Tomorrow night is rally! Wish us luck.

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