Sunday, July 20, 2008

Say Cheese!

Today Doug surprised me with a new camera! I can't wait to use it. It is a Sony Cyber ShotDSC H50. I am taking it up to BYU to try it out, so next week you should see lots of pictures. I told Doug not too long ago I really wanted a camera I could 'zoom' with out losing image quality. Of all the features I wanted, the ability to shoot the kids during sports and other activities was most important to me. So we researched a bit and found three we liked...a luminex by panasonic, the canon powershot and this sony. Doug went out today and got it for me. Go ahead and say awwww how sweet! Ya, he is like that. I am SOOOOOOO excited to get started with it. I am half tempted to let Johnson drive my car up to Provo and ride shotgun, so I can get to know my new camera!
On a more spiritual note, Doug and I attended the Temple tonight for Fay and Howard Niccum, his grandparents. It was a wonderful experience and far to personal to go into details, but suffice to say, it was my first experience doing temple work for someone I know. I am glad I got to be part of such a joyful occasion.
The kids are all packed up and ready to go to Provo. Hoorah for our annual trip up to the Y! Dee and I won't know what to do with ourselves with just Millie and Emmie to take around.. The kids, they do grow. The excitement for the camps is at a fever pitch here in Mecham manner. Wish us luck on the drive! 2 moms, 8 of our own children and 2 extras. That is a 1 to 5 ratio and I am betting I have the 'boy' car. The girls will be calling Dee's van so they can watch movies the whole way up there. Yikes! It may be along ride.


The VIPs said...

so far I think I'm liking blogger better too but the same thing is bothering me- I'm really surprised that you can't see who looks at your page and when. Maybe there's a way but I haven't found it yet. And, no, that's not me in the photo- just some random girl. I found this site that's actually for kids where you can make those little signs, there's one of the las vegas sign that made me think of you guys- if you want to check it out. I've also made our name on a hot dog, fortune cookie, alphabet soup, it's fun. And Congrats on the new camera!

shaultnt said...

Congrats about the new camera. Looks like fun. I need a new one sometime too. I look forward to seeing many MANY pictures from it. Hope you are having fun in Utah. Sounds like an adventure to say the least! Loving the blogging page. Looking good.


Images from Camp 2008