Thursday, July 17, 2008

Never a dull moment

Early this evening Sunny called me with an emergency: She needed to cook a brussels sprout, no, cabbage, no ARTICHOKE. Yup that is seriously how that conversation went. Needless to say I got on my bike and Millie hopped on hers and we had a little dinner 911. I ended up helping Sunny make a yummy dinner of grilled salmon, asparagus, steamed artichokes and Millie whipped up a little pasta. It was really funny and reminded me of when Millie and Regan were young. Back then, Sunny and I did lots of cooking together. Sunny hates to cook and I am glad to help her out because in most situations, Sunny is helping me out. It is the least I can do. While we were there, Quincy, Millie and Regan started the 'plot'. At 7:30 I went to lacrosse practice with Joe and while I sat and chatted with Keith Buck, I got this text, "Mom, can we use a tent." Well, Millie, Regan, Mary, Quincy and Kelsey decided to 'practice' girls' camp tonight in our yard. They are so cute out there with their guitars and blankets. It is really late, but we just took them to Taco Bell to add to the fun. I love our neighborhood and the good times our kids have with their friends. Never a dull moment.

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Images from Camp 2008