Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beet Digger

Last weekend's post...I am slow in updating...

I am sitting in traffic. Truly amazing how technology has advanced. This weekend Doug and I had the pleasure of driving up to Salt Lake with a bunch of champions. Our lacrosse team was invited to participate in the Beet digger tournament in Jordan, Utah and for the first time since the tournament began the title went to an out of state team. We are so proud of the boys for doing so well, but even more grateful to be affiliated with such a fine group of young men. Our boys have been under scrutiny for such along time. Our team, for whatever reason can't seem to get out from under the league's animosity. Whatever the team does is challenged and our team is constantly the recipient of harsh judgements. All of this stemming from events that occurred years ago while Joey was playing in a middle school. It is so ridiculous I don't even want to get into it here, but suffice to say it is frustrating and has really cast a shadow over the victories that our boys have earned. This weekend was a different story. Our boys won every game, some with ease, other with more of a fight, but either way we came up victorious. Our JV team made it down to the semis bit were beat by what appeared to be a much older team of boys, many of them play on their teams varsity program. Joey plays varsity this year but because he is young he is allowed to play both JV and varsity in tournament play. He played hard in all 9 games, some back to back. He scored lots of goals and was the first to score in the hardest of the varsity games which made things exciting. He was the face off king and I do mean king. I think he won about 90% of all his faces. In the JV games he did not miss one and on varsity he was close to perfect too. Way to go boy.


Rick said...

What?? You came to Idaho and didn't even call????? What's that about???? Congrats Joey!!!! Way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

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