Sunday, March 29, 2009

That's bad...that's good

Jenna sprained her ankle at Volleyball - that's bad
Millie got an A on her speech- that's good
Joey doesn't think his most recent trip to the dermatologist did a darn bit of good- that's bad
Bret is finally done with basketball and has a little free time- that's good
Christine thinks her allergies are kicking in- that's bad
Doug got the Scouting District Award of Merit last night- that's good
Friedo got into the trash and ate day old turkey- that's bad
Jenna did very well on her report card...even in science- that's good
Millie refuses to put away her folded clothes, saying she prefers the laundry basket- that's bad
Joey has been earning money mowing lawns- that's good
Bret's lacrosse team had a game called due to fighting- that's bad
Christine had the time to make a yummy dinner tonight- that's good
Doug is working so much we hardly see him- that's bad (well and good I guess...$$$)


MaudieV said...

Christine blogged and caught us up with her family--that's good!! Welcome back. We've missed you!! (that's good, too)

Anonymous said...

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