Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well it has been a while since I have pulled my camera out of the case and photographed anything that goes on in Mechamville. truth be told this time of year is filled with great things to photograph but hardly a moment to stop and grab the camera. I have spent much of my free time, if you could call any mother's time, freetime, at sporting events. Lacrosse season begins and it begins with a vengeance. Jamborees are the typical kick off and last weekend found us at a bunch of games for Bret with this weekend at the fields watching Joey. Next weekend both boys have a weekend long tournament and the girls have an all day event out in Henderson for volleyball. I wish I was Hermione from Harry Potter so I could be at everything. We also have Stake conference which adds another facet to the places we have to be and the things we have to do. Sounds crazy, I know, but I do love it. I love this time in our lives as we watch our kids grow in so many ways; social, mental, spiritual and physical. They are all so terrific carefully figuring out how Doug and I can fit in a game or two for each of them. I appreciate the effort they make to be fair although I know each of them wishes Doug and I would come and plant ourselves at their individual event for the entire day. So like I said last time, you may see less of me on here during the upcoming weeks and months but know that I am where I should be, cheering on one of the four kids and loving it!

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The VIPs said...

we miss you in the blogging world but know that your family is the most important. Sounds like you're having fun!


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