Sunday, September 14, 2008

Adventures of the weekend

1. I am now the president of the Legacy Lacrosse club. Go Longhorns! How on earth did this happen. I am like, 5 feet tall and I am now using the Sarah Palin pit bull thing as my theme. Who woulda thunk it?

2. Dinner at 'Chef Peck's' with Bruce and Glory (aka Gloria). The food was so incredible mere words cannot describe it. Bruce and Gloria are the two dearest people in the world. Bruce is the smartest and best speaker in the world and Glory is the nicest person I have ever known. I think she probably never thinks anything mean. Anyhow, they are good to be with and they like to eat which makes them great dinner company. Doug and Bruce however played with the candles leaving me to believe they are perfectly suited to spend time with Joey and Wes.

3. Totally missed Joey's ACT on Saturday morning. All me. Thank goodness he can go next month. Who does these things? Forgetting about ACTs and stuff. I mean it is only college right? DUH! Me.
4. I played Gahlinda with a Gah... in our Relief Society retreat. I am a marginally capable actress but get tons of 'roles' due to my ability to project my lie. I've been able to quiet the entire middle school cafeteria with out a microphone. I am not kidding. It is one of my few talents.
5. I was asked to speak on Sunday (at 8:00 Saturday night). Mind you we had that dinner Saturday night so that left me Sunday morning before church to write the talk. A full 20 minute deal too. Again, I am a marginally capable speaker, but am often called at the last minute because I do not fear public speaking. Really. I could have spoken at Lady Di's funeral and been okay with it.
6. I heard some of the best speakers at our retreat, including a gal that is friends with my good friend GLO PAT aka Gloria...a different Gloria than the aforementioned Glory. I so wish I had it all together like GLO PAT and her friends. I swear if I could be like GLO PAT for just one day of my life...I don't know I guess I would die because I would be so wonderful that I would just have nothing left to do. Did I mention Glo Pat baked me 7 loaves of bread Sunday for my classes. I know, right, she is like the queen of my life! Will there ever be a time in my life that some friend of mine thinks I am the queen of her life? Doubtful.

7. SCORE...I got a hot pink Kenneth Cole jacket at TJ MAXX for $5:00. Jealous much. It is too cute and I lucked out. Look at the original price!


The VIPs said...

okay, first of all, the song on your page TOTALLY ROCKS. Who is the cool cool person who you got that from?? Second, you have been busy! No wonder I haven't gotten my almost daily fix of Christine. And third, the jacket...OH MY HECK. I have got to shop at TJ Max more often!

Jori-O said...

I wanted to compliment you on your Glinda performance by the way...the little boogie you threw in here and there gave it just the right touch! =)


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