Saturday, September 6, 2008

Doug's Birthday

Me: You know what I love about the song "Happy Birthday to You"?

Doug: No, what?

Me: That is has been sung to you 3 more times than it has been sung to me!

Doug turned 43 the other day. Not too much of a party around here though. He only wanted a dinner of barbecued ribs and some chocolate chip cookies. He also wanted to watch the football game uninterrupted, so he set his phone on his armour and went out to the family room to watch . He is such an uncomplicated person. Because we have 4 thousand, oh no, I mean 4 children, we can't get out of town til the end of the month to celebrate. I rented him a Harley and we will go stay in our favorite b and b in St George for the weekend, maybe go to Tuacahn and just relax.
I know lots of gals write the things they love about their husbands using the age of their husband as the number of things, but truly, my list is too long. I am a lucky, lucky person to have Doug as my eternal mate. He is kind, funny, thoughtful, and just an all around good guy. The thing I most admire in him is his integrity. He always does what is right no matter the consequences.
Let me tell you about how I met Doug; my Bishop set me up with him. Can you get a better endorsement? Oh, and my Bishop was not just my Bishop either, he was/is the husband one of my closest friends so he knew whoever I married would be apart of his day to day life. Along those same lines days before Doug an I were married I was to go to the temple for the first time. I had my interview with the Stake President who also happens to be a great friend and the husband of another of my closest friends. Anyhow, I was talking with him during my interview and he said, you know, I feel like you pulled a needle out of a haystack with Doug. He is a great man and a true friend of mine. I feel like I can always just be myself with him.

Here is what I find interesting about Doug, he feels as at home with a room full of bikers as he does with a group of surgeons. Think about that for a minute. Some of you may be thinking, so what, who doesn't? But I believe very few possess that quality. Doug does. He thinks no more of himself than he does of any man. I love that about him.
Doug is a tremendous husband, always allowing me to be who I am. He never criticizes or finds fault in my many started yet unfinished projects. He doesn't nag me about my forgetfulness and my lack of follow through. He accepts me. When I ask him why he doesn't get cross with me, he just says, I can't love just part of you. He is fun to be around and laughs when I try to be funny. He is not overly romantic, which is GOOD because I hate sappy, but he has been known to play the piano for me and bring me flowers for no reason at all. He spoils me with gifts on mothers' day, my birthday and our anniversary even though I usually forget about such occasions. When I can't sleep at night he stays awake until I doze off, which is a bigger deal to me than he will ever know. He will eat anything I cook and if I don't feel like cooking, he will bring home take out. He is the BEST listener and if you know me at all, you know I am a big talker, so being 'my listener' is not an easy task.
As far as being a dad, if you know Doug, you know this is his greatest strength. He is a father like no other. Never misses an event, never forgets a promise, and is never too busy to talk to any of our kids, or their friends for that matter. We are regularly visited by the young men in our ward and many boys tell our boys that Doug is the best guy they know. He takes every opportunity to teach our boys how to be men, how to be honest and hardworking and how to be fair. Another something told to me by the Stake President was that when he asked the young men preparing for missions from our ward who influenced them they commonly replied Doug. Doug is the same with our girls. Maybe a little bit softer when it comes to disciplining them, but all in all the same good and true father. I hope our girls marry men like Doug and I hope our boys become men like Doug. Covenant keepers who honor the priesthood they hold. Men who have a sense of humor yet a seriousness of purpose. Men who are not afraid to stand for what is right even if they stand alone.
Did I mention too, I love his smile, the way his eyes get all squinty. I love that he walks like a bear and I always feel safe if he is around. And his salt and pepper hair. How could I write about Doug and not mention the hair! It is getting more salty every day! :-)
So I believe I have gone well past 43 things , but I don't care and I could go on and on about the guy I am blessed to call my husband. I hope all of you who read this feel the same way about your mate!


MaudieV said...

Tell Doug, "Happy Birthday" From his Aunt Maudie. We really love Doug also and wish we were closer so we could see him and all your family more often.
Love always,

April said...

Happy Birthday Doug!

The VIPs said...

This was such a cute post- very very sweet. Happy birthday Doug!

Jori-O said...

Awww, so sweet! For what it's worth, Doug is just as lucky!! =)

Suzie said...

We love Doug, too. He is a great guy and you guys are a great pair. We're happy to call you friends.

The Dean Family said...

What a wonderful message! We are so glad that you have such a wonderful husband!


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