Monday, September 29, 2008

Music Memory Monday

OK Jori, I am in. You will be the next Mama Kat with your workshop Wednesday and your Memory Monday, but here goes...
Winter of 1988/89: I am a city girl hanging out in Boston with a crowd of friends. We are all in college, so we spend most nights at the clubs, in the city. I know right, not home studying or at the library or even at one of the like 2,000 museums in Boston.No we were cool, so we were at the clubs. Anyhow, at the time I thought we were so chic. Well, we had really big hair and really high heels. I was probably at least 5 foot seven back then with the added poof of the hair and the stiletto heels. Be that as it was we danced until closing time every night. Imagine how my feet felt the next day. I was dating a guy that had a great apartment close to Boston University in Brighton. He owned this little chicken wing place that delivered to all the universities so he worked well into the night. He would always meet us for after hours parties where there was more music and dancing. Often times, he would come back to his apartment to find me hosting an after hours party there. What can I say, I have not changed much. I have always kind of lived by the mi casa es su casa philosophy. One night 'my girls' and I got this crazy idea to decorate the entry way wall in his place with a bunch of lipstick kisses. So in true 80s fashion we all took out our Loreal '382 Mica' lipstick, gooped up or lips as much as we could and kissed every possible spot on that wall to create what we thought was an incredible 'modern art' masterpiece. Pete loved it, his roommates, not so much. Anyhow, that night we listened to this song over and over again. My girls and I took the train home and sang it the whole way back to our place. Oh, and I still have a tube of Loreal Mica on hand at all times. If you ever need some quick decorating fixes I would be happy to come over and plant one on a wall or two!

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Jori-O said...

FABULOUS!! I LOVE this song! And isn't MamaKat a hoot?


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