Friday, September 26, 2008

Honor Choir

Jenna and her pal Hannah were chosen to be in our school district's honor choir for Middle school aged girls. It is called the Director's Choice Choir. Her choir teacher let me know she was going to give Jenna the nod and praised Jenna for her hard work and outstanding effort. Today Jenna raced into my room a fter school to tell me her good news and I could tell she was just so happy!Hooray for Jenna! Years ago when Doug and I were first married I was in the primary presidency and Jenna would just sing her heart out during singing time. Doug and I decided to put her in voice lessons with a young gal in the stake and Jenna has never stopped singing. From talent shows to the choir in our ward, to the Stake youth music production, she just sings all the time! I am glad this worked out for her and that her teacher recognized her in this way! She has been talking to me a lot lately about drama too... and we did have Jenna and Millie in dance classes for two years... I actually convinced Doug to let me put Jenna in two classes one semester. Maybe we have created a triple threat!


The VIPs said...

what a great talent to have, hooray for Jenna

jenn said...

Way to go Jenna!!!!


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