Thursday, September 18, 2008

Millie's Birthday

I can not believe I let Millie's Birthday go by with out so much as a measly post on my blog . The pitfalls of being a September baby when Mumma is a teacher. Well It is finally here! My little Mills is in Young Women at church. No more primary for me. All 4 kids are officially youth! Now every Wednesday all 6 of us are together at the church doing our thing. Poor Millie has spent so many Wednesdays with other families that I think she will be in shock to see so much of the rest of us!

So the poor little thing had a rather anti climatic birthday. I had Open house at school and Doug had some Bishopric thing so I ended up taking Millie to Qdoba and we split a salad and some Queso Nachos. Anyhow, the peanut had a two cakes. One that we made at home and one that we got when we celebrated her birthday at the Olive Garden on Monday night.

I love this little girl so much. She is a joy. Full of passion and sparkle. She is kind and can always make others feel good about themselves. At school all of the 'less fortunate' kids adore her because she always has a smile and a big hello for those that the others tease. She is always a friend and a partner to the one who does not get chosen. I love that about her.

Here are some facts about the birthday girl.

1. She has the best memory of anyone I know.

2. She plays the violin.

3. She is a straight A kind of kid.

4. She is a good friend.

5. She has a fierce temper. :-0

6. She can cook better than most adults.

7. She loves her dog.

8. She sings very well, but does not like to do so.

9. She is an avid reader.

10. She is a great babysitter

Also, Melissa has many many nicknames...ready... here they are

Millie, Mil, Lil, Lillie, Lillio, Lillie Lou, Peanut, Milfer, Mildy, Milzie, Mildew, Mildred, Dred, Fred, Freddy, Milicent, Malil, Maloulou

Seriously, and the list goes on.

So call her what you want, but say happy birthday to the best girl around!


The VIPs said...

Happy Birthday Mildred-Freddy-Millie! We don't know each other well but your pictures are goregous and you sound lovely. I wish we lived closer so that I could take advantage of #10 on your Mom's list! Hooray for you from the blogging world!!

Jori-O said...

Happy birthday Millie!


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