Sunday, January 18, 2009


So, if you have not yet signed up for facebook, I suggest that you do. Nothing compares to what I have been experiencing for the last 3 or 4 weeks. I signed up for facebook over a year ago. Maybe two. I was a total embarrassment to Joey, but I kept up with what he was doing on there through my participation. Anyhow, over Christmas break facebook exploded with members of my high school class. Every day brought a new friend request or two from the likes of a Chem class lab partner, a cheerleader from my squad, or even those who suffered alongside me in Algebra II. It is a regular High school reunion everyday.

Oddly, most, and I mean pretty much all, of my friends just recently started to have kids. I am not talking about just my 'inner circle' of friends either. I am talking about the whole big group of kids I went to school with. One or two of them have an oldest child that is a year or two younger than Millie, but the rest, they all have toddlers and infants. Really. My best high school pal has two boys. I believe they are 6 and 4. Other friends have children that are even younger. Infants and two year olds. It is really interesting to me. Most of them have been married for 10 to 15 years but are just getting started with children. I can hardly imagine getting started now with little ones. I am thinking college and they are thinking preschool. Doug and I have considered having just one more child, but lately, I have been thinking we are too old for another one. Not just Doug and me, but all of us. I mean, if I had one today even, that child would not be in Kindergarten until Millie and Bret were seniors in High school. So realistically, the child would start kindergarten the year Millie and Bret started college. You know, starting cub scouts when Bret left for his mission and leaving for his mission when Joey was 35 years old. Wow, too freaky. I can't even imagine.

Anyhow, Facebook has been a blast. Connecting with friend after friend, and hearing all of their stories. It is so exciting to see their pictures and their children. In my mind, all of my High school friends are still 18. Seeing them at 40 has caused me to smile and think, that so many of us become our parents. One gal in particular. Looking at her is like looking at her mom. I wonder if my old friends are thinking the same of me. I hope so since my mom is adorable. ;-)

One thing for sure all of my friends want to know about my parents. Everyone always loved them. Many Friday nights my friends and I would spend hours on the coaches at my folks house watching movies. My dad always cooking up a storm. Big breakfasts before the games found us in my kitchen, and lots of nights I would arrive home from a date to find many of my 'guy friends' talking sports or college choices with my parents.
I hope that years from now, Doug and I are remembered by the friends of our children with such fondness.

So this was exciting; In one day I got friend requests from 3 people who all attended grades 1-12 with me. Talk about memories. It's like coming home.


The VIPs said...

HOW HOW HOW have you been on facebook for a year and you're not friends with me? that's it, I'm going to go find you right now.

(that's right, the cousins are gone and I'm back baby. Get ready for all my obnoxious comments again)

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