Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday is a special day

I gotta tell you. Today is a rather sad day for me. You see, last Saturday and the Saturday before I felt literally no pressure to be DONE with everything on my list. I knew I had Monday just a'waitin for me on the other side of Sunday. Mondays that meant both sleeping in til about 8am and getting ready at a leisurely pace to do what needed to be done. Whether it be grocery shopping, or doing laundry, or cleaning the bathroom. It would get done, just later. Back to school for me means EVERYTHING has to be DONE today. Monday, on just the other side of Sunday, is a work/school day. Up at 5 to get oldest son breakfast and off to seminary and then out the door by 6:40 myself with the carpool gang. The upcoming season is one of particular chaos for us because it means lacrosse is in full swing. Starting this week, all 4 kids have sports 2 nights and youth activities on one night. Joey is gone next weekend to San Diego for a tournament and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Bret, Jenna and Millie all have there own agendas including sports and school activities, all of which require taxi service care of yours truly. It really does not quiet down til the end of May. Do I love all of this? YES. Is it a little crazy at times? Uh huh. Would I trade it? Nope, not for a million bucks.

So today, I say good bye to leisure, although I do think leisure rules (Ferris Bueller, 1986), and hello schedules.


MaudieV said...

I miss those years!! I, also, have school Monday but I look forward to being busy and being with kids again. It was a wonderful vacation but everybody left us alone. To Monday I say, 'Bring it On.'

Vip said...

I can't wait for those times, I remember them being so awesome while I was in high school running to practice with Marc while Ariane went to volleyball and Lyric had cheerleading, CRAZY! I can't wait. Very nice Ferris Bueller reference, that is one of my favorite movies of all time. We really need to get together and swap stories for real. Here is to seeing you guys in a month.

jenn said...

I know how you feel~

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