Thursday, January 1, 2009

New year's eve

Every New Year's eve we spend the night with good friends at the Moody's house. I laughed and said, "All of these photos are the same as last year, we just have on different outfits.
The girls always spend the night at the Ellsworth's and all the boys always have a shin-dig over here. Now that the girls are old enough to babysit, the Ellsworth house has changed a little and here, well, Joey is no longer in on the action. He has bigger fish to fry over at the dance, but Bret kept the tradition going with all his pals.
At midnight, the few, the proud, the TRUE polar bears jump in.

Happy New Year!

The babysitters
The 'boy party' at our house

The grown up game night at Moody's

The plunge... as the clock struck 12

Doug's splashThe Ellsworth's (is this cheating?)

Fun was had by all. The morning brought a whole new batch of jumpers. Jenna and Millie made it in and Joe will go tonight when it gets dark and COLD again. The Moody's actually ran out of patches which means there were over 100 jumpers. Quite a change from 6 years ago when just our little crowd was jumping in.
Jenna's splash
Millie in the cold pool
Happy New Year!


Chuck said...

Another refreshing new year. Happy New Year Mechams. Tif

Vip said...

That seems like a great tradition and a lot of fun. We hope to see you guys at the end of the month. We hope that you have a great New Year and we love you guys.

Anonymous said...

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