Sunday, January 11, 2009

Final exam week

Already half way through this school year. I can hardly believe it. Blog friends, say an extra prayer for all the kiddos you know in Vegas. Exams are this week and it can be difficult for some. I have a few in my own house whose score on the exam could mean the difference between an A or a B in certain classes.
If you are a mom or dad and living in Vegas let me give you a few pointers from my many, many years as a learning strategist:
Make sure your kids get enough sleep this week.
Eat good food and be sure to eat a good breakfast including fresh fruit and protein.
Eliminate stress by getting everything ready for school the night before. Nothing brings down a child more than a morning filled with "Hurry up! Find your backpack! We are late!"
Just as your child is ready to leave, tell them to do well. Tell them you know they can and that they are smart.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is simple and it really will help.

...By small and simple things

Happy exams!


Ritch in Love said...

First of all, love the comic below! Hilarious! Also, test week was always so stressful when I was a kid. I would have LOVED to have you as a teacher as a kid!

I left you an award on my blog.

Chuck said...

Actually we have a tradition of feeding them all the leftover Halloween candy on test week (nothing like stale and hollow calories combined, we're just impressed we have any left) and send them out the door with a hearty, "Don't embarrass us! The family's reputation rests on your shoulders." Just kiddin! Thanks for the advise.

jori-o said...

And don't forget to growl at them like a PIRATE on their way out the door!! HAHA!

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