Friday, January 2, 2009

I resolve

Resolutions about exercise and weight always seem to get lost somewhere in about the first week of February. Resolutions about having a perfect, planned and ready FHE last til about mid January when the kids start cracking up during one of my canned lessons and we scarp the whole lesson and just sit and talk about something the kids want to discuss. So this year I am just making one resolution that is not a 'give up chocolate' or 'do more family history' kind of thing...This year I just want to continue trying.

Trying at lots of stuff. I want to keep trying to be the best wife and mother I can be. I want to keep trying to be a good friend. I want to keep trying to be a good YW leader and teacher. I want to keep trying to learn new things and keep trying to read a lot. I want to keep trying at so many things that my list could go on forever. That is it for me...2009. Just keep trying to do my very best.


The VIPs said...

good one

Chuck said...

I am glad you are trying but we think you already are a great Mom, wife, friend, teacher... Tif

Missy said...

Well said! I agree, I think you are already great at all of those!

Anonymous said...

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