Saturday, January 24, 2009

YW New Beginnings

Hannah, Erin, Millie and ReganStake YW leaders

Em, Mary, Q and Hay

The older girls singing

Our newest girls

Look at Rooster's face. Jenna thinks it is pretty funny too!

Last Wednesday night we had our New Beginnings night for all of our girls. The focus of the night is the girls new to the program. We used 'Be the girl of your dreams' as our theme and all the girls and leaders came dressed in their pajamas. Even Doug and Bishop were all cozy. It ended up being a great night and everyone had a ball.


The VIPs said...

awww.. I miss being in Young Womens

jori-o said...

What a cute theme!

The VIPs said...

I know! We're upset about it too, we didn't find out till just a few days ago that Justin was going to have to work for the next few weekends. Now he's talking about going to Vegas to see Dave Matthews in May. Probably won't happen but you never know with us, we're wild and crazy.

Anonymous said...

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