Sunday, December 14, 2008

So sick

Another Sunday. Today Millie was sick. She stayed home from church so I came home after Sacrament to take care of her. Now I know she is a big kid, but she is my baby and this photo of her sick self sleeping was too cute to resist. If you look closely at her right cheek you can catch a glimpse of her beloved 'pink'. It's her special blanket that she still adores. Gigi, her trusty companion was probably buried under the covers with her, along with Duck Duck Sailor, another friend for life.
Millie came out tonight and curled up on the couch with all of them. Gigi, Duck Duck and Pinky all keeping her company while she rests. Gosh, I love her!
We also got the tree decorated tonight. Bret, Doug and Joe went out and bought it yesterday and put all the lights on while Jenna, Millie and I were at tryouts for Team Envy. This year we have the tree in a different spot, so it is a shorty. I love it anyhow. As per tradition when I saw the tree, I announced, "It is the best one ever!" Bret and Joe cracked up and said the words in unison with me, and after that exclaimed, "Oh Mum, you say that every year!" And they are right, I do.
The house is decorated and we are ready for a full week ahead. There is something going on every night so I know we will be ready for Friday to arrive! I can not wait for vacation to begin.


The VIPs said...

way cute tree- and is that your red wall that I see? Love it.

Hope Millie gets feeling better soon!

Missy said...

Poor girl! My Chloe has a pink also. I was afraid she would never out grow it. Did Millie have to take hers every where when she was little too?
Love the tree! I have that same picture on my wall too.

jenn said...


It's never fun to be sick, but these next couple of weeks are the yuckiest time to be sick - Hope you get feeling better SOON!

The VIPs said...

we got your package yesterday, thank you so much! Audrey's been wearing her necklace ALL THE TIME

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