Monday, December 8, 2008

Come What May...

The Culprits
If you hate cats, skip this post. It will only serve to intensify your negative feelings towards all felines.
Oh to be able to laugh! This morning as the kids and I got ready to leave for school we noticed the car's hazard lights blinking. "What on earth could that be about?" As we approached the car Millie fessed up to going out to get a book she had left in the passenger seat yesterday, "But", she said,"I didn't go in your side so I don't know how that could have happened."
In the few steps from the walk to the car I noticed Wendell our fat, farm cat perched on the head rest of the drivers seat.
Yup, you guessed it, upon opening the door to the vehicle two things jumped out at me.
1. A very distressed cat and
2. An unmistakable odor

Sure enough Wendell, was unable to 'hold it' all night and no, I do not have any travel kitty litter going on in the car.

My first thought, MURDER the cat! And follow up that assassination with a swift kick to Millie's seat for being careless enough to not notice a fat cat climbing into the car alongside of her as she rummaged around looking for her lost book.
But after yesterday's fast meeting where Bishop brought back to mind, Elder Wirthlin's talk about laughter, I figured I better do just that. Each carpooler we picked up got in the car and wrinkled their nose as the pungent odor reached them. As I recounted the tale, they all had a good chuckle. When I told Doug, I couldn't even finish telling him the story before he figured out the ending and started laughing. After we finished laughing about the traveling litter box I am driving, he put in a call to our good friend Brent who will have the guys from Coit over to help us out today.
I thought how differently the entire affair might have gone if I had chosen anger over laughter. Thanks Elder Wirthlin (and Bishop) for reminding us to love whatever comes our way!


Vip said...

Great post, sometimes I feel the same way about our cats.

jori-o said...

Good for you for putting it into action! NOT easy to do, but so worth it!!

EricandLauren said...

This may come as very random to you, but I received an email from my mother in law that her friend read a story on a blog about Eric (my husbad). So they sent me the link to read the story. It was an amazing story. Eric and I have been married for 5 1/2 years and he use to talk about your family. I was so excited to find it. He will be amazed when I tell him about this.
We have a blog, and it is private but if you would like to see it then just send me an email at and I will invite you to see it. Thank you for such a sweet story. I am glad that we happened to stumble across it. Hope to hear from you very soon!!! I know that he would LOVE to talk to you!!! Lauren Beatty


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