Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jenna's Turn

We end this week of musical performances by the Mecham children with Jenna's choir concert. The kids sounded great. They have really grown and it is amazing the difference a year can make in a school music program. Her teacher, Ms Dadabo has done a great job bringing the students along. In 6th grade Jenna's choir teacher up and quit after a few weeks of work. The school was unable to fill the position so the program really fell apart. Sara, a band major, took over and has built it back up. Jenna and Hannah (Banana) have made a lot of progress this year and both sing so well. Way to go Jenna!

And on that note, no pun intended, I add another item to my 'lasts as a mother list'. Tonight I watched my last Junior High Christmas Choir program for one of my own. On to high school and bigger choirs I guess.

Millie and I took another detour on the way home for more of that yummy hot chocolate. I sense a Christmas addiction and tradition on the rise.
Hey Becky, they didn't know what an eggnog steamer was. I know, right. I was outraged. I need to try one of those before the season ends. Of course mine will also be with extra whipped cream.


Chuck said...

The joy in every singers face. Oh the joy. It is funny because I know that both of our girls love to sing. I am going to start to get jealous of all those yummy drinks you and your fam are enjoying but I'm sure Millie is on board for that kind of tradtion. Fun. Tif

The VIPs said...

NO EGGNOG STEAMERS??? I'm outraged!! In our shop we would get shipments of eggnog around thanksgiving to make eggnog lattes, (just substitute eggnog for the milk) but if you're of the non-coffee drinking variety then you get a steamer which is a latte minus the espresso. It's so yummy- the eggnog is hot and gets all frothy. I can't believe they didn't have it!

jenn said...

Jenna is gorgeous! I'm sure they sounded fabulous too.

DJ Stutz said...

How fun to see Hannah and Jenna. They are really becoming beautiful young women. Hey...give me your address so I can send a card.



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