Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas day 2008

It sure is a different kind of Christmas when your youngest child is in 7th grade and your oldest is in 10th. No little ones around the house to run in a t 4 am yelling, "He came!"
Instead we were in bed til about 6 when Millie came in and said, "Can we go out there yet?"
Still, lots of "Thank you, it's just what I wanted!" But instead of directing this at Santa, the phrase was directed at Doug and me.
Jenna and Bret were over visiting their Mom this year so it didn't get too crazy til they arrived a little while later. Lots of cell phones this year and a new sewing machine for me. Clothes, books, gift cards new coats and shoes all found themselves in the pile of gifts. The boys got new harmonicas which they are enjoying.
A yummy dinner and then it was off to the movies with some other families where we split into three groups. The Day the Earth Stood Still, Marley and Me, and Benjamin Button. I saw the latter and I tell you it was a tear jerker.
Tomorrow is always the best day of the vacation, with all the kids really having time to get to know their new things.
Tomorrow, I think I may brave the stores and check out the better than Black Friday sales. I need to get some fabric at least!
Merry Christmas!


Chuck said...

Looks like another great year. Happy sewing. Tif

donnaR said...

Your new family pictures are great! You all look wonderful! I think the greatest give you have given me this year was sharing all of what is going on with your family through these blogs. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

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