Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This week this far

This week is a busy one around our house. Three concerts at the school. Tuesday, Band. Wednesday, Orchestra and Thursday, Choir. The camera was not charged up Tuesday night so I am hoping I can snag a few photos of Bret from folks who took photos of him at the show.

I charged up the battery and snapped a few of Millie and all of her friends at their concert. We made a quick stop at Starbucks on the way home. mmmm Peppermint hot chocolate.

Did I mention I filled my tank on the way home too. You bet I am a happy girl. I mean a month or so ago filling the tank was over 200.00

On a different note, I got a message today from MY ELDER'S wife. Her mother in law stumbled across my blog and found herself reading about her own son! Can't imagine how nice that must have been, especially considering that I ADORE THAT GUY! No kidding. I mean he is such a huge part of my story.
I can't wait to get to know this young girl who is married to MY ELDER. They have their own little family and I can't help but think how lucky their children are.
So once again, Heavenly Father opened that little window, just for a minute, and let me look through for long enough to make a connection. I am so grateful.


Images from Camp 2008