Saturday, December 13, 2008

Millie and Jenna and Volleyball

Both Girls were chosen to play on Las Vegas' newest club volleyball team. We are very proud of both of them. Jenna has shown a lot of interest since last summer when Doug and I took her up to Provo for the BYU camp. Millie played church ball this year and loves to do the things Jenna does so it was quite a find when Rebbecca Lane told us about this club. It is just starting up in the valley and while they are open to all girls they understand the LDS culture and our desire to avoid Sunday play and the need for our girls to be free on Wednesday nights. Mary and Emily signed on to the 16 year old team last week and I took Jenna and Millie up to check it out last Saturday. Today I was worried for Millie at try outs. She doesn't really have much behind her in the way of skills, but luckily the girls here age were mostly in the same boat and the team was able to take the 12 who tried out. I am looking forward to seeing Mill progress. Jenna's team had much stiffer competition. Jenna is good. She grew a lot at the camp this summer and her mom has been taking her over to Rancho's practices for quite some time. On top of that, Jenna is just built for the sport. She is tall and is becoming very athletic. I am so grateful we came across this club that is basically going to 'fit' with our life. (AND...I don't have to be the team mom in order for that to happen!)


The VIPs said...

Way way cool for Jenna and Millie! Congratulations!

And I'm glad you liked the steamer- I was afraid that after all the hoopla about finding it that it would be a let down.

Vip said...

Thats awesome, congrats to Jenna and Millie.

jenn said...

Vegas has so many cool activities for kids! Do they play against other teams around the area?

Go Jenna and Millie!


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