Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Curvy...yet another atrocity to women

Many of you know I am a Gap shopper, wearer, lover. For many years now I have been wearing Gap curvy jeans. I love these jeans and even if I knew the Gap had little forest animals crafting them under duress it would be hard for me not to buy them. Sick, I know. But any of you who are 5 foot 2, heck any woman out there knows, you find jeans that fit, you buy em. $400.00 dollars a pair, I do not care, I am buying the jeans that fit.
Anyhow, when I go to the Gap or the Gap online, I always get a charge out of the models they have for their curvy jeans. You remember, I posted a picture of the 'curvy gal' they used to have as a poster child for their 'not so perfect body' jeans Here is the new curvy model:
I know, right. The old model must have been too fat. Let me show you the rear view.
I have added a portion of this before, but here is the entire 'catalog comment' describing these jeans taken directly from the website:

Curvy boot cut jeans

Who needs perfect genes when you've got fabulous jeans? This style combines cool details with a sexy silhouette and a flattering fit. Watch out, curves ahead...

Where? Where are her curves? My 12 year old son has more curves.
Okay, so if that isn't bad enough, here is another fit from the Gap. Long and lean.
Ya, I would say so. Here is the catalog comment for these jeans:
Long and lean jeans

Our best-selling jean is instantly slimming. Perfect with a sweet cami, a cool belt, and your Saturday night dinner date.

Slimming? Oh, right, she looks like she needs to be worried about 'slimming jeans'. And the little blurb about her Saturday night dinner date, I dunno? What do you think she ordered? My guess, two pieces of lettuce, a diet coke and a tic tac for dessert.

C'mon people. How am I supposed to raise daughters in this world?


The VIPs said...

hear! hear! how are we supposed to raise daughters in this world?

Half of the Style Sisters said...

Great post!! Love it. I work in Young Women's in our ward and I have two daughters. One is married and the other is a senior in high school. I know your pain. We just keep moving forward.

I loved your kids FHE...hysterical

Vip said...

I seem to have the same problem, just ask Becky.


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