Monday, November 24, 2008

We miss Hannah

The lunch bunch just isn't the same with out you!

We hope you are having fun in Oregon.

Look at theses faces.

Have a great trip, but hurry back! We miss you! I miss you! Hardly anyone likes to talk about books with me!!!!!!!


Bennion Family said...

I am lunch group withdrawls. I didn't get an apple. I didn't get almonds. I didn't sit by the best lunch bunch around. I don't feel right. Hope you guys didn't lose your appetite.


Bennion Family said...

I am having the withdrawl I am not the withdrawl.


The VIPs said...

because Justin and I HATE HATE HATE Christmas crowds, all our Christmas shopping is done. Leaves more free nights to go look at lights instead of heading to the mall. But I'd love to hear the idea, I can always use ideas..

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