Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally my pictures are here.

Personal progress night! Girls just want to have fun

So I have a little problem with my memory stick in my camera. I can't get it to work with my desktop computer. It used to work, but recently, it has stopped working. Now I have to wait for Doug to bring the lap top home from his office so I can upload my photos.
Because the pictures of the kids and the updates about their happenings are my folks' favorite part of this blog I am going to add a few photos from the girls' happenings this week.
We had a personal progress, mother /daughter activity night this week in our ward. We made puppets and I am soooo not not not crafty, so my puppet was seriously lackluster. Millie did pretty well. Each girl was to bring a display to highlight their personal progress thus far. I am so pleased with their progress. Millie just started and already she is working on her first project, and Jenna and I have gotten 4 of her value projects complete. Check out the posters.

Thursday night found me baking a volcano cake with Millie and Regan. Those two! They remembered they had a project due a little late, but we got it done. Regan ended up spending the night (on a school night, oh the delight). They presented the next morning and I was able to go over to their class and snap a few photos.

Finally, here is why most of my days are filled with smiles and laughs. Welcome to my classroom, before during and after school! Millie, Bret and Jenna, in and out with all of their friends.
This photo just shows the girls. Bret was working on something with the boys!
On a totally different note, today I am still just mom to one. Doug at work and Joey at lax all morning left me painting the kitchen. I have been saying I wanted to paint the kitchen red for about 5 years. Well, I finally did it. Photos to come later!

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