Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So , yes, I was there. I saw the premier of the film Twilight with Millie and Jenna and Jenna's mom, Susan. Oh the jealous cries that are going up in blogoworld. It was a great love story. Enough of a ...yes there will be a sequel ending to keep all of the young girls, okay and their mothers, interested.

Honestly, Edward is handsome, but Dr Cullen, he is a heartthrob, you know if yo are forty or so.

Anyhow, it was a fun night out for the girls. None of us had ever been to an opening of a movie before, so it was a new experience. We talked with some others in line and waited for close to two hours before being let in to the theater. Dinner was pocorn and nachos, but nary a complaint form any of the teens in line. They were all just itching to get in to see the love story unfold.

I don't think this show will be a big hit with the guys, but every teenage girl who sees will dream of vampires. The Edward type that is!

My students will be waiting with baited breath for me to tell them about it tomorrow.


The VIPs said...

sounds like a really fun night- love the picture!

Chuck said...

You lucky duck. Tif

jrbischoff said...

grr... I'm going to the midnight showing tomorrow...

Missy said...

Um, where is your Twilight shirt?
I totally tried winning tickets to the opening. My hubby is going with me, so I won't be telling him that you said it's not a guy flick.
Glad you had a nice night.


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