Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Saving for a hungry day!

One of the reasons Doug loves me is I am a good shopper. Doug is very frugal (read cheap). He likes to save money and he especially likes it when I jump on board the savings train. I do my part with grocery shopping. And work on keeping my food stoarge up to snuff. When Doug added on the 'media room; I insisted I get a food storage room out of the deal. Love it! Take a look!
I learned this saving skill long before joining the church from my ultra wise shopping dad. He is the KING, absolute, hands down, no one better, the best. He was shopping 4 or 5 markets a week using coupons back when I was a kid. We ate like kings and always had plenty, but I know my folks did it on a tight budget. I have never spent a lot of $$$ on food and in recent years it has become a game for me. How much can I save this week? I always try to 'save' more than I spend. Another trick old Grampie taught me is NEVER buy anything you don't eat/use just because it is on sale. A few weeks a go a bloggy friend did a post about her savings at the grocery store and I thought, Oh good, Another thrifty shopper! Now the Queen of thrift is Tif, but I will declare myself Princess. Take a look at this weeks score.181.00 (and 16.95 of it is for the cat litter. Ugg). I also got 30.00 in 5.00 off coupons at Albertsons for my purchases. How's that for you?


theriosduo said...

I love it! Last month one of the grocery stores here in town was having a case lot sale. So I looked through the add and then went to Winco and Walmart to compare prices. I found stuff cheaper at both places and bought cases there instead. So I guess I can be "Princess In Training!"

The VIPs said...

awesome. That's what I want our garage to look like soon

Chuck said...

Chuck is jealous that he is not in the royalty somewhere. I did get a high five from a checker this last week when she realized I saved more than I spent. And another checker asked how did you do that when I got back 15 dollars in coupons to spend. I love the game. Tif


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