Saturday, November 8, 2008

My dog is a democrat

I know. It is hard to swallow. But it is true. My dog is a democrat. Actually, I think all dogs are democrats. Look at the facts. This is my top ten. David Letterman, eat your heart out.

10. He does not bark at those who pass by our house. He has little or no interest in homeland security.

9. Along those same lines, he does not believe in the right to bare teeth.

8. He sleeps during Fox news broadcasts. He sleeps all the time.

7. He would like to end the war between dogs and cats once and for all.

6. He believes in free veterinary care for all dogs.

5. He wants dog treats for free. He does no tricks. He doesn't even try to learn any tricks.

4. He eats the food that rightfully belongs to the cats.

3.His entitled attitude is evident. He is a dog, yet he sleeps in our bed .

2. He does not pick up his own poop. AND he thinks he should be able to poop where ever he wants to poop. He also believes that the boys should have to pick it up. After all, he is a dog. And as such has dealt with human oppression for years.

And the number 1 reason my dog is a democrat:

1. He voted against a constitutional amendment to ban inter species marriages.

Now I said my dog was a democrat, but I did not say he was a dummy. He knows not to bite the hand that feeds him. Don't worry pal, we'll get em in 4 more years.


The VIPs said...

more proof that I don't do anything- I'm commenting on your post just minutes after you posted it. I just sit online all day and wait for people to update their blogs so I can swoop in and leave a comment. And about the party affiliation of your comment. : )

The VIPs said...

I have plans to paint every room in our house but haven't gotten anything done yet, I'm too chicken. Let me know how the red goes, (or better yet, add pictures!) I love a red kitchen

mandmstrong said...

OK, this was just way to funny not to post a comment! I found you from Bennions blog. I'm Tif's sister Marianne. We've met a few times Hope you don't mind me stopping by your blog but you have given me a good laugh on more than one occasion. Thanks!


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