Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lax and other adventures of the weekend

Saturday: What a great day! Legacy lacrosse hosted an incredible lacrosse tournament. Sixteen of the biggest west coast teams in college lacrosse were here in town playing in some tough competitions. Joe was thrilled when our coach came to get him from a field where he was shagging balls to tell him Jason Lamb, head coach of BYU asked to see him. Joe got to talk with him for a few minutes and got to work the BYU field during some of the games. He is only a sophomore in High school and a college coach, not just a college, but BYU's coach knows him. Anyhow, Coach Lamb asked him how his grades are this year, if he is playing during the fall and if he is working on his left hand. Thankfully, Joe was able to tell him his grades are top notch , yes he is playing this fall and the left hand is coming along well. He has been shooting with his left hand for quite some time in the yard and at practice. He scored one with his left at his game later in the night, so he is taking the advice seriously. For our little family, this recognition from coach lamb has been the talk at the table. Bret is so proud of his big brother he could just burst!
While Joe was off at his game we had our semi annual adult session of Stake Conference. It is absolutely the best meeting of the weekend. Last night we heard from three members of our stake who gave their testimonies. It was wonderful. President Sellers spoke too. The visiting general authority was Elder Coleman of the Seventy. What a speaker! He was a Catholic, like me, before joining the church. He talked about building a strong foundation on faith. Wonderful. It was interesting to me as I listened to him, that he, like I, seems still amazed at the Lord's hand in his life.
Sunday's session of conference was also fantastic. The talks were of great interest and while all of them called us to examine our preparedness, none felt dooms-dayish. Instead they all filled us with hope and joy.
All in all it was a wonderful weekend.


The VIPs said...

Justin is upstairs in bed sick right now but when I tell him he may have a cousin (cousin? 2nd cousin?) playing for the Y I'm sure he'll feel much better

Jori-O said...

Wow! How exciting for Joe! He's got so many great possibilities and options ahead of him!


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