Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another hour, another post

So, you are thinking: What gives? I know, right. I have all these posts in one day. And my friends, I have lots going on this weekend, so the posting will not end here.

Tonight Jenna, Bret and Millie had a bunch of their pals over for a Halloween shin dig. Pizza, treats, and the usual suspects. They watched a scary movie on the jumbo screen and played Judge in the neighborhood. judge was briefly interrupted by the watching of The Office. Too funny since every kid here was like 12 or 13. Following that they ran around for a while longer and then it was goodnight to all of the little goblins. Regan is still here and is snoozing with Millie.

Joe was a little too old for the party, but he kept the cousins Tommy and Grant and their little friends away from the party goers by engaging them all in an Ultimate Fighter style game. Them against him. I think he let them win!

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The VIPs said...

wow look at all these posts- I guess I've been MIA longer than I thought, I've got quite a bit to catch up on! Love the pictures of the kids, Jo is so great to keep the little kids busy- gotta love big brothers


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