Sunday, October 19, 2008

Girls, girls, girls

They look so innocent.
Regan spent the night Friday after babysitting and the girls laughed well into the night, so morning came early for them Saturday. Brittany Thalman's family went out of town for the weekend so she also joined our ranks. The boys were significantly outnumbered. Doug snuck off to work, Joe was at lacrosse and Bret went off to Clay's house. The girls had the opportunity to go to the best of EFY. They loved the speakers and enjoyed being with the girls in the ward.
After we headed off to the BITE of Las Vegas. Jenna's mom picked up Jenna and Brit early so they could make it down there to see Secondhand Serenade. They made it in time and we came later to see Puddle of Mud and taste some food. The bands were good but the girls were less than enamoured with the crowd, so we took off and headed home to begin the evenings festivities. Jenna had planned on staying to watch Life House, but her desire to be with her pals got the best of her and she joined us just as we headed out for the night.
Now in most crowds being toilet papered is and insult, but in Mormon world, at least here in Vegas, it is an expression of friendship. Really. Joe was tp'd about once a week for 2-3 years. That is what happens when you are the only Deacon in a ward with 18 Beehives. Last night began the toilet papering era of the rising generation. I am happy to say I had my hand in the start of this great battle. Girls 1- Boys 0! Millie was so happy last night as we headed out, she leaned forward from the back seat and said, "Mum, you are so much fun. " I told her, I learned from the best. Here is my little shout out to Kristie Lytle. Queen of the late night young women activity!
So, if you are looking at my blog and see a picture of your house covered in wholesome white fun, know you are loved by the girls in the San Miguel ward. If we didn't visit you, you are not safe. Oh to the contrary. We have just begun

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