Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My "lasts" as a mother

So Jori got me thinking again. Darn that girl. She always gets me thinking! Anyhow, she was reading my last post, Music Memory Monday, and remembered a book she had told me about long ago. It is a book of a mother's lasts. The last changed diaper, the last night feeding, the last set of braces etc. As you all know, I have been finding my kids are growing too fast! So I have decided I want to document these 'lasts' as they occur. I am going to occasionally post some lasts here on my blog and aptly title them

Christine's lasts as a mother

I may even pull out a few memories of earlier 'lasts' just to savor them a little longer. But for now, I am starting with today:

Today as a mother I will sew my last First Aid merit badge onto a scout sash. (Along with 7 others.) Way to go Bret!

Today I took the day off school to take care of about 1,000 little things that needed my attention. One of these things was getting down to the scout office and taking care of our unit's advancements. Tomorrow night we have our stake court of honor. Bret will be recognized for his Star Advancement and Joe has earned a bronze palm. So today finds me sewing on a few patches from the last court of honor onto Bret's sash.


Jori-O said...

I really need to find that book. And congrats to your boys! =)

You should do Writers' Workshop over at Mama's Losin' It this week. Give it a try!

Missy said...

That is exciting! I love your signature, so cute!
My 2 yr olds favorite song is "Once upon a Dream." I thought I was the only person who knew all the words.
I love reading your blog because it makes me realize that I really will miss these days of having little ones running around.


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