Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No more tagging. Forever.

Stop the madness! No more tagging!!!!

Just kidding my lovelies. Jori, you can go ahead and tag me any old time. Just know that the chance of me playing is about 1 in 10. But today, to appease the blogging gods and goddesses, I will oblige. Sorry it has taken me so long to get this one going.

1. Fact numero uno: I am the youngest child and ONLY girl in my family. Can you say daddy's girl. Yup, that's me. I grew up with a house full of boys, their friends, their music, their sports, their ideas, their way of reacting. I know, right. It sheds a whole new light on the me you thought you knew.
2. Not good at doing nothing. I have anxiety attacks on vacations. Really. I can hardly sit still for an hour at church. It is really hard for me to relax. My dad was awful when he first retired. So antsy and restless. That is how I fear I will be. Doug will be chillin' sipping a fruity beverage from a coconut. I will be organizing the natives into book clubs and lacrosse teams, or starting up my own school.
3. Can't touch this! I hate being touched by people. Hugs, pats on the back. Not me. I don't even like to get a massage. No touchy.
Now, my hubby, my kids, totally different story.

4. I have been to pretty much every concert that you would ever want to attend. Back in the day, before show tickets cost an arm, a leg and the hand off the other arm, I lived in Boston. Go get a map. Boston sits about an hour north of Providence, just east of Worcester and a few hours northeast of Hartford. Not too mention New York is a day trip. Anyhow, I mentioned the brothers and the music. I grew up listening to everything they listened to and then some. All the bands played each of those cities and you would find me and my gang driving around New England to catch multiple shows in the same week. From U2 ( three nights in a row at at the Garden) and INXS, to Elvis Costello and Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead , Eric Clapton, Stevie Windwood, Sade, and the Stones, to REM and the Cure. I was there. They Might be Giants played on my college campus many times as well as Psychedelic Furs. The list goes on. I was in Florida in a small place one night when Jimmy Buffet arrived and unannounced played a few songs on his guitar up front. That was something. Perhaps the most unforgettable was a date that took me to see James Taylor at Harvard. All acoustic, 100 person audience. I could see his fingers on the guitar strings.

5. I do not like only 2 foods; broccoli and canned tuna. OK, so the broccoli, love the taste, hate the belly ache I get every time I eat even one small tree. Whatever, I make do. Canned tuna, that is another story. Really gross. Taste, smell , texture, uggg. My brothers and my dad love the stuff. It reminds me of Friday nights at my parents' house. Dear old dad worked every Friday night at the K of C running the BINGO for the Catholic church. Now isn't it good to know that Catholics too have lots of things they call by initials. Kof C translates into Knights of Columbus. Loosely similar to Elders' quorum and/or High Priest group. The thing is the organization does a ton of service, but they also have a bar, pool tables and a dance hall for a meeting place, not a chapel. I DO NOT MAKE THIS UP. Anyhow, Friday nights are fend for yourself night at my parent's house because dad is off to the Kof C to serve the community by running Bingo for all the old ladies in our parish. My mom uses this night to read 2 or 3 books. Being that they are Catholic, she also does not cook meat on Fridays! So it is pizza night, or grilled cheese night, or in the case of my brothers and my dad tuna sandwich night. Or as my dad would say 'tuner sangwich', that is the Boston Italian way.I can not tell you how much I hate the smell of tuna. It is so , I dunno, tuna-ee. I know, this from the girl who would eat raw fish daily.. For years I escaped the tuna nightmare and then I met Doug. Lover of tuna sandwiches and I, lover of him. I had to deal. To make matters worse, when I met Jenna and Bret, they would eat about 4 things. Chicken nuggets with french fries , pizza, taco bell and tuna or egg salad. Oh help me. The first two months we were married I made them eat so many new things. They must have hated my little cooking guts. But eventually we worked up to vegetables and fish and now, they will both eat pretty much anything.

6. I can spin things. I was in drum corps and color guard for a few years in elementary school and junior high. Our church had a senior and junior corps. Our name was the Sancians. The senior corps was Spectra. I picked up a rifle at about 8 years of age and continued to spin things for the better part of my childhood. I was an indiscriminate spinner. In my corps and colorgaurd career I spun rifles and sabres, but at home, hockey sticks, baseball bats, brooms... You name it I spun it. I still spin to this day, to th edelight of neighbors' small children and 6th graders in foods class. I can really whip a broom around! Ask me next time you see me to toss a triple and catch it behind my back. No problem.

7. I am on The city of Las Vegas' child care licensing board. What a mouthful. I have been doing this for a few years now. Once a month I attend meetings to decide on applications for any sort of child care in the city. Be it a day care center director's licence or a home providers application to care for children in his/her home. We do it all. It has been pretty interesting and was kind of fun to be appointed to such a thing by the Mayor. Good old Oscar. I have an official spot in the city council room where I sit with a name placard and everything.
So there you have it. 7 random, little known facts about me. Don't you wanna play? I tag those who read this and want to play.


The VIPs said...

tags are kinda obnoxious but I did like reading all this obscure info about you

Jori-O said...

For the record, I didn't specifically tag you, but now I am going to pass every. single. one. I. get. your way! Nyah nyah nyah!
AND I already knew most of that stuff. But not the twirling. Mitchell and Kat are totally going to get a performance next time we see you! Teehee! =)

donnaR said...

I didn't know any of that obscure info about you, and I really liked learning it since your way over there and I'm way over here, and don't ever get to do much with you.

The VIPs said...

I love rear window. Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly- awesome. I haven't seen disturbia, is it a decent remake? Oh- and, LOVE Emperors New Groove and...(I hesitate to admit this) I was a majorette. Yep, I can also twirl things. And throw them up in the air and catch them. And do some wicked lunges and figure eights in sparkly uniforms.

The VIPs said...

way cute- Audrey loves watching them- and tell Millie to get up here already! Justin and I haven't had a date night since we got her last August (not kidding).

The VIPs said...

the no date night for a year thing is my fault though- I'm kinda timid about leaving her with anyone, but I think Millie would be a great babysitter

The VIPs said...

I really should just e-mail you instead of leaving like 5 comments on all of your posts hehe

theriosduo said...

Is there an easy secret way to reply to comments I get? It seems to be difficult for me.

Vip said...

I am envious of your concerts. I tried to get Becky to go to SLC to see Dave Matthews this year but she said that we had already seen him. I would love to go to the Gorge and see him there. Pink Floyd, what show was that? I have always been way bummed that I was too young for the Dark Side of the Moon show, I have heard it was amazing. Bob Weir was in town a couple of months ago but as you have seen we haven't gotten a babysitter...ever and Becky doesn't think that a Gov't Mule and Rat Dog concert is the best place for a baby. Go figure!

The VIPs said...

did you tell Millie that it's 10 hours between Vegas and Boise? cause that's what I keep telling myself whenever I think about driving to Ari's baby blessing...10 a car with a toddler..makes me nauseous. I'm really pushing for plane tickets


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