Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Week, Another Lab

I have not talked much about my job on this blog. Have I even mentioned my work? I do not know. I teach Home Family and Consumer Science at the middle school the 3 youngest kids in our family attend. To put it to you in a way you will better understand, I teach home ec at my kids' junior high. Ahhhh, now you see.
Yes. Really. I do. In this crazy world John Q. Public decided about 20 years ago that junior high aged kids no longer needed to learn to cook, or sew or take care of their families. (At that same time old JQP decided that auto mechanics and wood shop and things of the like were of little or no consequence too.) Anyhow, as it so happens I had been working part time as a strategist and grant facilitator last year when the feds pulled back on funding and poof, my little job went up in smoke. Part of my little job last year involved the teaching of one expo class. I got to come up with that one on my own and decided I wanted to try teaching a nutrition class. My principal offered me a teaching job, but said she could not offer me a half time contract, so would I consider full time employment. My first thought was "Kindergarten here I come." Half time, cute kids, coloring between the lines, the alphabet... but then she added, "Be creative, make me an offer I can't refuse." I turned my thoughts to the 6 unused kitchen labs in our school. The ones I used to demonstrate recipes last year for my class and the ones in which I occasionally let the kids cook. Every junior high in Vegas is equipped with a home ec room. I know, right. There are your tax dollars being put to good use! Let's build junior highs with home ec rooms for home ec classes that no longer exist. But either way I lucked out. I now have 5 sections of 'home, family and consumer science'. My course is a semester long course which means I get all new kids at the start of semester two in January. That fact makes me both happy (4th period) and sad (2nd period). Seriously, all of my classes are wonderful, just period 4 is extra full and extra chatty. I do love my job. Some say, find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. I think I may have done just that!


The VIPs said...

I'm sure it's very rare to love what you do- probably even more rare to love what you do and to get to do it with three of your kids as well- way, way cool.

Vip said...

I knew you were cool, I just didn't know you were that cool! I would love to hear those stories, maybe over Brody's blessing we can talk. I think we are driving down on Friday so maybe we can hang out a couple of days. Thans for the comment.


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