Sunday, October 12, 2008

YOUth Conference

Could they be any prettier?
Sillier? Goofier?
What a weekend. The girls and boys in our stake were treated to our first out of town stake youth conference since our stake's inception 7 years ago. Friday night began as wards gathered at the stake center to complete a service project and watch movies that our kids created in their wards. Doug and I were both part of our mia maid/ teacher movie, so we were ribbed all weekend long about our acting ability. Particularly Doug, who played Peter Pan. (I am going to try to get me a copy of that there video to be showing on my blog here. That's farm talk)
Saturday morning we met at 6:30 at the Stake Center and loaded up over 200 kids onto the awaiting buses. The weather was unseasonably cold but we were ready. The stake allowed for only a few leaders to attend, each ward bringing just their Bishop, and presidents of Young Men and Young Women. Our YW president asked me to go in her place as she was out of town. I am glad that I was able to be there with the kids and was pleased that I was assigned to the sophomore group with Spence Larson, Mark Edgel and Bishop Skouson. Ask anyone, sophomores rock! We pulled out of town eating sack breakfasts on the buses and headed to St George. Our group split into lower and upperclassmen and the first stop we made with the younger kids was the St. George Temple visitors center where we watched the Joseph Smith movie. Doug and I just watched this two weeks ago, but still I sat blubbering through the whole thing. Honestly a lot of the kids did too. After that we headed over to the Brigham Young Home and onto the Jacob Hamblin house. Both of these sights were wonderful with the kids asking questions and learning much about life during the early years of the church. They are all more grateful now for the little things, you know, like flushing toilets.
We grabbed a quick lunch at a local stake center (happens to be the one that Doug and I attended church at while we were up there two weeks ago) and met with the other older kids at the St. George Tabernacle. Our group sang Called to Serve and the spirit there was strong. The kids were getting a little restless by the time we left and had some time to play in a nearby park. Following that we headed over to the Staheli Family Farm where we spent the rest of the day and night. This place is amazing. The food , the activities, the kids were in heaven. The farm offers something for everyone. Open fields for football and soccer, volleyball courts, indoor dancing and karaoke, Guitar Hero, a petting zoo , and the list goes on! Joe spent the better part of the afternoon involved in a football game. The corn maze seemed to be a favorite after dark and the dance and evening happenings were a hit with all who attended. The ride home was a little more relaxed with kids talking and laughing. At the front of the bus, Mark, Spence, Bishop Skouson and myself kept ourselves awake swapping stories. All in all, it was a great event and one I think our youth will remember for years.

Me, I had a great time. Oh and a big THANK YOU goes out to my good friends from the Aliante ward. You know what you did! :-) Love you guys!


The VIPs said...

wow, sounds like a great time!

Lenny and Amanda said...

Thanks for my "shout out" !! YOu are so fummy! I would do anything for you!! Love you!!

jrbischoff said...

That looks like it was a great time! I know they never did youth conference out of town when I was a youth... I hope they all behaved themselves!


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