Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Days and Nights

Our little family

Millie's bread and her photo shoots with the cat. Millie learned to make bread at here Young Women activity last Wednesday. She is a talented little baker. Come to think of it, she is just a talented little girl. Love that girl!

Here are some photos of our volleyball girls. They are enjoying stake volleyball. Jenna calls all the Mia maids 'the big girls', which just cracks us up because she is like 6 inches taller than all of them!
All my scouts:
Finally some pictures of our Stake Court of Honor last night. Bret earned his Star and Joey, his bronze palm.


Jori-O said...

Busy kids. Cute fam!

theriosduo said...

You guys look like you are having a blast! I wish we lived closer. Everyone I could think of asking for rollers didn't have any or any kind. I was totally bummed, luckily Zech saved the day as usual. And no, you are not part of the older generation, you are just a smart woman.


Images from Camp 2008