Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to School

Back to school. For most of my life those three words have meant something to me. From age 5 through graduate school back to school found me buying new clothes, pencils and pens, backpacks and notebooks. It meant a new beginning and time to gear up and dig in to activities and studies. I have always loved school. Well junior high was kind of bogus, but all in all I have always loved it. I think that is why I became a teacher. The smell of the library always appealed to me and the order of the entire institution still does a little something for me. You know what I mean...lunch from 11:25 to 11:58. In 1992, after college, I started teaching school. Grade 1 in North Las Vegas. Those kids are now adults, some probably married with their own children. After Doug and I married, I resigned for several years. Still, back to school was a huge part of my life. After all, I resigned to be mother to our 4 kids. I was on the PTA board and spent my time being room mom for all four kids, dedicating my self to being the best 'helper' I could be. I was teaching seminary during those years, so though I was not employed as a teacher, teaching still played a huge part in my life and the school schedule still set my pace. Now, here it is, back to school and I am beginning again. This year I get to combine two of my greatest passions, cooking and teaching. And you know, back to school hasn't changed all that much for me all these years. I don't care so much about the new clothes, but I do still like the smell of the library.

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The VIPs said...

I know the feeling- everytime I walk into Barnes and Noble I breathe deep- coffee and books..mmmm..


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