Friday, August 1, 2008

Camp countdown, Breaking Dawn Party and Animal haircuts

Today Jenna, Millie and I got all of our camp gear packed up and ready to go. This year we have 5 of our 6 leaving town for a week so our family camp gear was in high demand. Jenna called the cot, Joe wanted the air mattress, Doug likes a particular sleeping bag and I am very fussy about my stuff. Only Millie seemed ok with all the leftovers! Actually we had to go and get lots of stuff and I spent far too much at Target this afternoon replenishing our camp supplies of batteries and flashlights along with lotions and potions for the girls.
Tonight we are off to the BD party at Barnes and Noble. We have been waiting for this for months! I can hardly wait. Jenna is refusing to come up to Stimson with us tomorrow to help set up camp because she has to read! Doug is a little bothered, but me, I understand. I am so glad I finally got Jenna to catch the reading bug. It has taken me years of reading aloud and buying every book in the shop to try to interest her! When I first read Twilight I knew it would be the book with the hook, so to speak.
Other happenings today include a hair cut for our mangy pooch. Very cute. See for yourself.

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