Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok, so those of you who read my old blog may remember this, but I just had to laugh the other day when I was at the GAP. This is the photo they have to go along with their 'curvy jeans'. Now mind you, they have 'long and lean', 'classic boot cut', 'straight' and many more. Here is the little blurb that goes with these jeans

Who needs perfect genes when you've got fabulous jeans?

Insinuating that these are the jeans for the gals with, you know, a little 'extra fluff'. What the heck! Look at this girl. She has the figure of a twelve year old boy. Curvy jeans? Please.


jenn said...

If that is curvy, I'm afraid to guess what adjective describes my lower half!!

The VIPs said...

following what Jenn said- I'd descibe my jean fit as 'large and in charge'. That's how I roll.


Images from Camp 2008