Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor day

Labor day: A weekend to relax and enjoy the last surge of summer fun before really settling in to a school routine, right? Wrong. Doug decided that this weekend was a 'family workend". Yup, all of us were commissioned by Pa to paint the house. Doug had all the kids taping, scraping and painting. Joe and Bret put up new blinds in our back windows too. It was quite a lot of work. I had to leave for a few hours with Ana to do some visiting teaching, but otherwise, I was on the clock with the rest of the brood. Doug is a master 'cutter inner' and did not once nick the ceiling. I on the other hand couldn't keep the paint from jumping off my brush.

What color did we go with you may ask? Well, we used the same beige we had on the walls before. All of the kids begged us to do these wild colors. Doug and I liked a certain yellow color, but we had a bunch of kids contesting that choice. In the end, everyone said they like the color we have, so we went with it. I am doing an accent wall in the kitchen a brick red and we are keeping the trim the whitest white. I talked Doug in to doing a wainscoting in the hall so that should look great.

All in all it was a most productive day. I am really very proud of the children. They worked all day long with out one complaint. Now if I could just get them to clean their rooms with the same attitude.


The VIPs said...

I love yellow- Now you have three votes for it

shaultnt said...

I have yellow in my house, so what are you saying? haha. I need to come see the new house. now you can come help me finish my house, because Todd won't be caught dead lifting a paint brush.


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