Monday, August 4, 2008

In just a few hours we are off to girls' camp. We just got word from the Stake that the rain is coming down in buckets and the camps are flooding. Todd is going up tonight to speak to the YCLs who always head up to camp a day early, so he said he will thoroughly check our site and let us know what we need to do. Our plan thus far is to get the girls up to camp and have them check their sleeping bags. I talked with Dee and we are bringing up gobs of towels and rags to dry any wet items. If there are wet sleeping bags we will load them up in my truck and I will haul them down and get them dried out at a laundry mat. Hopefully that will keep us from having any real problems! Wish us luck and pray that the rain, which we desperately need here in Nevada, will hold out til Sunday!


Missy said...

Oh no! I was sad that I wasn't gonna be there this year, now not so much!
Good luck!
the other melissa mecham

shaultnt said...

Have fun at camp. I figured out how to do that thing and see who visits your blog. Look at my blog and it's posted there

jenn said...

Thankfully Stimpson is close enough to Vegas to dry things if needed. Tell me how everything goes!!! I miss our ward/stake! You guys sure go the extra mile.


Images from Camp 2008