Thursday, August 28, 2008

On my Honor

Did I mention that Sunday night our ward had a court of honor for four boys recieving their Eagle? It was great. Ricky and Conner left the next day for BYU. Bo had to come home from SUU for the event and Justin is preparing to leave for his mission in the winter so he is doing culinary classes down here at the college while he gets ready to go. To my surprise and delight when it came time for the boys to present their Eagle mentor pins I was asked to come forward. Each boy chose one adult as their mentor . Justin told the audience that he had long given up on attaining his Eagle but with my help he earned the rank. It was really sweet and I was blubbering! My kids all giggling at my tears! Millie snapped a photo though. (She thinks like a blogger)

Last night, we held a board of review in our ward. Many of the boys in Bret's class earned rank advancements. Bret earned his Star rank which is quite a feat for a 12 year old. Doug and I are working hard with him and we expect he will be an Eagle before he is 14. I have to get him to finish up personal management and personal fitness this month. We have been working on them since June. He only needs a handful of required badges and 'time' as we put it before he can get going on his project. He tells Joe all the time that he will get his Eagle 'younger' than Joe did. We think it won't be long before both our boys are Eagles. Anyhow, I am really proud of Bret.


The VIPs said...

Millie "thinks like a blogger"! Ha! I love it

The VIPs said...

alright, is that feedjit thing on the bottom of your blog a way to track who's been here? I'll have to check it out

jenn said...

Wow - Way to go Bret... I'll have to pass that info on to Tucker to keep him motivated.

Christine, What a sweet honor. I can hardly believe those boys are in college/going on missions - Crazy!


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